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39th ICAF conference 4-6th dec. 2014 "Food, Internet & Social Media"


39th ICAF conference


 in Montanchez, Spain. 4th - 6th december 2014

"Food, Internet & Social Media"

 more information on the dedicated website: http://icafmontanchez2014.wix.com/congress


38th international ICAF conference - Alimentary Responses to the economical crisis

Information in english and spanish about the upcoming 38th international ICAF conference, taking place in Cazalla de la Sierra (Sevilla, Spain), october 1st - 4th 2013, on the topic ALIMENTARY RESPONSES TO THE ECONOMIC CRISIS.


Download this file (38º ICAF english final.doc)38º ICAF english final.doc[ ]224 kB
Download this file (38º ICAF español final.doc)38º ICAF español final.doc[ ]227 kB
Download this file (CIRCULAR CAZALLA 2013 ESPAÑOL cuad2.doc)CIRCULAR CAZALLA 2013 ESPAÑOL cuad2.doc[News Brief with organisational information english/espanol]335 kB
Download this file (Convocatoria ICAF Cazalla 2013. Ampliación plazo 1.pdf)Convocatoria ICAF Cazalla 2013. Ampliación plazo 1.pdf[Invitation and organisational information]33 kB
Download this file (tríptico 10092013..pdf)tríptico 10092013..pdf[Programme of the conference]1532 kB