PROGRAMME Location of meeting Chadwick Seminar Room, Institute for Risk and Uncertainty Chadwick Building University of Liverpool Tuesday, 28th June: Registration 13.00 - 14.30 pm Session 1 Welcome and first papers Chair: Iain Young 14.30 Iain Young: The Institute of Risk and Uncertainty 14.45 Helen Macbeth: International Commission on the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (ICAF) 15.00 Lucy Antal: Liverpool Food People 15.20 Clarissa Antal-Smith: Co-op’s Fairtrade Strategy 15.40 Cathryn Higgs: Policy for reducing food waste 16.20 Paper to be confirmed 16.40 General Discussion. 17.30-19.00 Reception and presentation at Ibis Hotel by Albert Dock Wednesday, 29th June: Session 2 – Rural Case Studies Chair: Gabriel Saucedo 9.30 Wulf Schiefenhövel: Fish ponds in Highland New Guinea: an intelligent answer to dramatic local change 9.55 Isaura Garcia Lopez: Culture and food in Izúcar de Matamoros, Puebla,Mexico 10.20 Valentina Peveri: Feeding a hungry nation: orphan crops for a food-secure landscape in Ethiopia 10.40 Discussion 10.50 Coffees/teas Session 3 – Change and Transitions Chair: Wulf Schiefenhövel 11.20 Peter Kaiser: Problems for Karen farmers returning to their villages from refugee camps along the Thai-Burmese border: how can sustainability be achieved? 11. 45 Michael Bruckert: Between malnutrition and ecological sustainability: meat systems in India 12.10 Giovanni Orlando: Anxious appetites in a post-Pasteurian world: what about sustainability? 12.30 Discussion 12.40 Lunch break (pies by Homebaked, Anfield) Session 4 – Sustainability and products Chair: Peter Kaiser 13.40 Amanda Berlan: The future of chocolate: an anthropological examination of changing patterns of production and consumption 14.05 Daria Deraga and Rodolfo Fernández: Biodiversity and sustainability in the traditional production of mezcal spirits in West Mexico 14.30 Xavier Medina and Lorenzo Mariano: Policies and ideology about water and water-sustainability in Yucatán: contributions from anthropology Discussion followed by Coffees/teas Session 5 – Concerns with the environment Chair: Xavier Medina 15.20 Ricardo Avila, Martin Tena and Raymundo F. Villavicencio: Phytogenetic Resources for Food at Barranca del Rio Santiago, Mexico 15.55 Sophie Anne Sauvegrain: How our environmental awareness is expressed through our food habits 16.20 Virginie Masdoua: Experimentation of a new food store in a University campus to promote sustainable food among students Thursday, June 30th Session 6 – Sustainability and health Chair: Daria Deraga 9.30 Xavier Medina: From healthy to sustainable: transforming the concept of the Mediterranean Diet from health to sustainability through culture 9.55 Maria Antonia Monserrat: Adaptations of food systems around the challenges of sustainability, health and social welfare: an ethnography 10.20 Helen Macbeth: Dig to sustain! Allotments, gardens and television 10.40 Discussion 10.50 – 11.15 Coffees/teas Session 7 – Theoretical approaches Chair: Mabel Gracia-Arnaiz 11.15 Jose Ignacio Arévalo: The Utopian thought: a recipe for understanding the role of food in human sustainability 11.40 Kirsteen Shields: Who pays for food security? 12.05 Paul Collinson: The impact of conflict on food sustainability in Africa 12.25 Discussion 12.40 Lunch hosted by Quorn + their display 13.40 ICAF business meeting + teas/coffees 14.45 visit to the Student Guild to see their Rocket Composter in action and view the aquaponic roof garden. Session 8 – Waste and sustainability Chair: Paul Collinson 15.45: Gabriel J Saucedo, Citlali Montiel, Teresa I Anaya and Rocío Luna López; Food loss and waste in the macro- and micro- social landscapes of Mexico 16.10 Iain Young: Sustainable waste management technology 16.35 Stephen Old: How ReFood turn food waste into bio fuels and bio compost 17.00 Carl Beer: Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority 17.20 Discussion and directions for going to the dinner Walk to Constellations, The Observatory, 37-39 Greenland Street. 19.00 Conference Dinner (bar open 18.00), catered by Real Junk Food Project Liverpool Friday, July 1st : Session 9 Sustainability in urban situations Chair: Lucy Antal 9.30 Sam Jones: Homebaked, Anfield 9.55 Angélica Santiesteban: ‘Herederas’ multidisciplinary project regarding food habits 10.20 Livia Alexander: Bring in the artists to the (farmers’) markets 10.45 Mabel Gracia-Arnaiz: Other ways of eating out in Spain: food itineraries in a context of increasing precarization 11.05 Discussion 11.15 Coffees/teas and directions for walk to the Grapes Community Garden 11.30 walk to Windsor Street to Visit to the Grapes Community Garden in Toxteth and their outdoor café. [NB we have to be there by 12.15 and it’s a 25 minute walk.] Session 10 Sustainability in urban action Chair: Helen Macbeth 14.00 Leo Pang: Eco farmers in peri-urban Shanghai: practices, ethos and legitimacy 14.25 Iain Young: The role of aquaponics in urban sustainability and education 14.50 Lucy Antal: Sustainable Food in six British cities – a study 15.35 Final Discussion and conclusions. Afternoon tea arranged by Lucy Antal Saturday, 2nd July Relevant visit meeting Michael Simon from Granby4Streets (corner of Granby Street and Princes Road on the direct bus routes 80 and 80A between centre and Carnatic Halls) at 10.45/11am. For a 11am talk and tour of the community market and project. For the afternoon Lucy Antal has created a useful list of interesting visits and restaurants in Liverpool, which participants who arrive early or stay longer should find useful (already circulated). The conference organisers are grateful to the following for their support: The University of Liverpool The Institute of Risk and Uncertainty Liverpool Food People ICAF(UK) Constellations, Liverpool The Co-operative Group, UK Ibis Hotel, Albert Dock, Liverpool Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority, Liverpool Princes Foods, Liverpool Quorn, Marlow Foods, Stokesley Typhoo Teas, Liverpool Helen Macbeth, President of ICAF, Iain Young, Institute of Risk and Uncertainty, Lucy Antal, coordinator of Liverpool Food People, Paul Collinson, Treasurer of ICAF.