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collection by ICAF Europe

Festive Roast Goose (or duck)

1 goose (or duck or other poultry if wished)
caraway seeds
salt to taste

The goose (or duck, etc.) should not be too fat, but it should be well covered in flesh. Sprinkle with salt and caraway seeds and roast it first in a large pan with the lid on. While roasting pierce the skin of the fatty parts and under the wings and legs several times to allow the fat to escape. After a while remove the fat into a separate pot to prevent burning. When the goose (or duck, etc.) is almost tender, remove the lid and roast it, occasionally basting it with water to obtain a crisp skin. Remove the goose and carve into serving portions. Make a gravy with a little flour browned in the roasting pan, add water and simmer. Serve with dumplings made from flour and/or potatoes, and maybe sauerkraut.