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Foie Gras

The traditional family recipes for foie gras seldom have true measurements, as the housewife just knows how much to use. This, of course, is awkward for a collection of recipes. It is also true that the measurements would depend on the size of the liver(s) used. So we must leave the amounts to your judgement.

1 whole liver of goose or duck, ideally large and it must be fresh from the farmer.
Some salt
Some pepper
Some Armagnac (or brandy)

Rub the liver with salt and then soak it in a terrine with the Armagnac (or brandy) and pepper. Put the terrine in a bain marie in a medium oven for while, but it should never be over-cooked. Remove from the oven, cool it and put in the refrigerator for two to three days before eating.

Alternatively the liver mixture with the same seasoning can be sterilised for two hours in a tightly sealed glass jar. This foie gras keeps for up to four or five years and true lovers of foie gras say that the older it is the better.