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collection by ICAF Europe

Früchtebrot (Fruit bread)

200 g wheat flour
1/2 packet (about 8 g) baking powder
60 g sugar
60 g icing sugar
80 g butter
5 eggs
80 g ground hazelnuts
50 g chopped dates and figs
50 g raisins
100 g candied fruits (lemon peel, orange peel, pumpkin)

Photograph (c)2008 Gabriele Weichart

Separate the yokes and whites of the eggs. Mix the melted butter, sugar and icing sugar. Beat the egg yokes and then add the butter and sugar mixture to the yokes. Then gradually add the flour mixed with the baking powder. Stir the dough with an electric mixer. Next, add the ground hazelnuts, the chopped dates and figs, the raisins and the candied peel. Beat until stiff the egg whites and then carefully mix this into the mixture. Pour the mixture into a loaf-shaped baking tin and bake it in a moderately hot oven (170o-180o C) for 45 to 60 minutes.