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collection by ICAF Europe

Vanillekipferln (Vanilla croissants)

For the dough:
280 g flour (wheat)
110 g granulated sugar
210 g butter
140 g grated walnuts

For the final covering:
250 g icing sugar
1 packet vanilla sugar

Photograph (c)2008 Gabriele Weichart

Mix flour, granulated sugar, butter and grated walnuts together and knead them into a solid dough; let this rest in a cool place (e.g. refrigerator) for 1 to 2 hours; cut it into several smaller pieces and form long and fairly thin rolls of each piece. Cut each roll into even smaller sections and form little croissants of each piece. Place these on a greased baking tray (or laid out on baking paper) and bake them for 10 to 15 min. in moderately hot oven (170 C). Take the croissants off the tray and roll them in the mixture of icing sugar and vanilla sugar. Leave to cool.