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collection by ICAF Europe

Bischofsbrot (Bishop's bread)

6 egg yolks
60 g icing sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder
1/4 tea spoon zest of lemon peel
1 tablespoonful rum
6 egg whites
60 g caster sugar
140 g superfine flour
150 g candied fruits, cut into small cubes
50 g raisins
100 g chopped chocolate
50 g chopped nuts (e.g. walnuts)
80 g melted butter

First mix the flour, fruits, raisins, walnuts and melted chocolate together.

Then, take the egg yolks and mix them with the icing sugar, vanilla, rum and add the grated or chopped lemon peel. Beat until the liquid looks foamy.

Then, beat the egg whites until they hold a peak, and gradually mix in the caster sugar and stir until it is firm again. Add together both the egg mixtures carefully to maintain structure, then add the flour and fruits mixture slowly. Finally add the warm liquid butter.

Put the dough in a loaf baking tin, lined with baking paper, and bake it in a moderately hot oven for 40 minutes. Turn out the loaf and leave to cool a little before removing the paper. Leave until completely cold before covering with chocolate icing.