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collection by ICAF Europe

Witwenküsse (widow's kisses)

3 egg whites
60 g caster sugar
120 g sieved icing sugar
100 g ground, roasted and peeled hazelnuts
50 g Aranzini (a special kind of candied peel)

After beating the whites of 3 eggs until stiff, stir in the caster sugar for further stiffening. Then add the sieved icing sugar and the ground hazelnuts carefully into the mixture with a wooden spoon and finally add 50 g Aranzini. Taking a spoon, put small heaps of this mixture on a baking tin, lined with rice (or similarly edible) paper. In a slightly warm but not hot oven, bake for two to three hours very slowly. One is not baking these 'widow's kisses' so much as drying them out to a creamy pale beige (similar to meringues).